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Welcome to C5Tube, where you will find the latest demonstrations and training videos on Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and solutions. These videos are targeted at professionals who are currently using, or considering, these tools in their organization. 

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On Demand Demos and Training Videos

Side by Side: Comparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and
The top two customer relationship management products available today are Microsoft Dynamics CRM and This webcast provides a side-by-side demonstration of five core functional areas of these two systems to give you a 90 minute overview of each or these game changing solutions for sales, marketing, customer center and call centers.
CRM for Business Managers
With Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft has delivered a business management platform that reaches far beyond traditional CRM capabilities. This session provides an overview of the core functions in Dynamics CRM for managers as well as the extensions that deliver greater control, collaboration and visibility into the hands of the management team.
CRM - For Administrators
CRM Administrators will find an almost overwhelming number of improvements to their experience in Dynamics CRM 2011. This on-demand video focuses specifically on how Dynamics CRM 2011 will put greater capabilities into the hands of administrators, and what it means to your business. Presented by one of the authors of the Microsoft Dynamics Administration Bible.
CRM 2011 - The Upgrades
Microsoft has included dozens of upgrades in Dynamics CRM 2011 that accelerate user efficiency, improve management reporting and extend administrator capabilities. This on-demand video is focused on businesses that are considering an upgrade from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011 and want to understand the potential.
Using Connections with Dynamics CRM 2011
This on-demand video is an excerpt from the video: CRM 2011 - The Upgrades. Social media is changing the way that businesses connect with their customers. Part of the way that Microsoft is addressing social collaboration in Dynamics CRM 2011 is through the usage of Connections. Connections allow you to link any records together to form a web of connected information. The result is customers that are more thrilled with their experiences, better closing rates with prospects, and more productive employees. To learn more about the upgrades available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, view the CRM 2011 - The Upgrades video on this website.
5 Steps to Create Charts, Dashboards and Visualizations in Dynamics CRM 2011
This on-demand video is an excerpt from the full CRM 2011 - The Upgrades video on this site. CRM 2011 includes new functionality to intelligently visualize your customers, prospects, partners and processes. This video presents a how to guide for creating charts and dashboards.
Using Outlook Email Integration with Dynamics CRM 2011
Dynamics CRM was already the leader in Outlook integration - but CRM 2011 delivers the next generation of integration. This video presents the new email integration tools including the ability to use native Outlook email with Dynamics CRM Templates, KnowledgeBase Articles and Sales Literature. To see other upgrades, watch the full CRM 2011 - The Upgrades video on this site.
CRM Overview -
A quick overview of - all of the basics in less than 4 minutes!
Grant Management
Grants Manager is designed to help educational institutions and government organizations to quickly deploy a new grant management system or compliment an existing one. The solution addresses vital business needs in the PS grants and financial aid management space. This video provides an overview of the Grants Management solution. Contact C5 Insight for more information or a live demo.
Accelerated Sales with Dynamics CRM 2011 and SharePoint 2010
Combing the power of Dynamics CRM 2011 and SharePoint 2010 can significantly accelerate sales processes. This video includes an overview of dashboards, goal management, SharePoint integration and quote management.
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